HPCG related links

HPCG related links

The links that are related to HPCG and its development.

rocHPCG is a benchmark based on the HPCG benchmark. The implementation uses AMD's Radeon Open Compute runtime called ROCm and its associated toolchains. rocHPCG is created using the HIP programming language and optimized for AMD's latest discrete GPUs.

NVIDIA released a container image with a few HPC benchmarks including HPCG.

This was the previous website of HPCG.

This repository contains an optimized version of HPCG for Arm that make use of optimized mathematical libraries such as the Arm Performance Libraries, NEON and SVE intrinsics. The main kernels have been modified to enable shared-memory parallelism.

The major elements of the HPCG solver can be implemented directly in MATLAB including distributed memory storage.

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